Welcome to ONstream

In 2017, even journalism students consume a lot more media than they do journalism. Yet the dive into digital is not as smooth as you may think. Practicing journalism while finding an online voice can be tortuous: it’s a long paddle from the source to the mouth. And with so many questions along the way.

What would you click on? How long would you watch or read? How much attitude to bring? What’s the perfect mix of words, sights and sounds? Will your audience learn something? Feel something?

This product of the St. Thomas University Digital Journalism class for the 2017 fall term reflects the pivot to video experienced in digital news sources. We hear a lot about the distracted, tl;dr demographic that is our audience. Still, ONstream believes you can plumb some depth, even when you’re having a lot of fun along the way.

Here are the voices who shared our trip ONstream.