About Us


My name is Monica Boucher and I’m from Edmundston, N.B. I’m a third-year communications and Science & Technology Studies student. This Digital Journalism class has allowed me to explore my more creative side and I am proud to express my work on this website.


Hello everyone! My name is Cassidy Chisholm and I’m from the village of Chipman, N.B. I’ve wanted to pursue of career in journalism since I discovered my love for writing and asking questions in Grade 8. To satisfy my need to tell stories, I freelance for my hometown newspaper, the Grand Lake Mirror, and edit the features section at The Aquinian, the campus paper here at St. Thomas. With my ONstream projects, I wanted to ask the questions that people may not be thinking about but are curious about.


Hey, my name is Allison Roy but feel free to call me “the queen of cheesy headlines.” I’m double majoring in journalism and sociology at St. Thomas. Weird combination you may think? Yeah, it stems from my fascination of human beings. I really believe that everyone has a story. My hope is to live a weird, long, adventurous life discovering those stories and sharing them with you the best that I can!


Hi, I’m Jenna Fitch. I’m originally from Riverview, N.B. and moved to Fredericton to study journalism at STU. I’m new to the program and really enjoying it. It’s neat to see everyone’s great ideas and interesting stories come together.


Hey, my name is Haley Stairs. I’m a third-year journalism and communications major. I hail from the north side of Fredericton. I love telling people’s stories whether that be through video, audio or print. My curiosity about journalism crept up on me in my senior year of high school. I had driven past the St. Thomas Journalism sign outside of the CBC a thousand times growing up and always wondered what was went on behind those walls. I pushed my dreams of interior design aside and, instead, picked up a pen and started talking to people. I’ve never looked back.


Hi! I’m Johnathan Duffy, a third-year journalism and communications student from Hillsborough, N.B. I’m the kind of guy who thinks puns can fix everything, and if they can’t, a meme certainly can. I’m knee deep in pixels of this website – animation and Photoshop are what I do on the side. Experimenting with journalism is what new media is all about, but a story entirely in pig Latin is too much experimenting


Hi, I’m Isabelle Leger. I have been studying at St. Thomas University for three years as a journalism and communications student. I have a passion for writing and enjoy blogging about my travels. I am currently working as a marketing assistant at Exit Realty. I hope to continue my professional journey while including both of my fields of study.


Hi, my name is William Hunter. I’m a fourth-year Journalism and Communications student from Florenceville-Bristol, N.B. I also intern for a business-based news organization in Saint John called Huddle. I have an interest in new media forms, such as podcasts and blogging. In my spare time I enjoy reading, watching movies, playing guitar and writing. As you can probably tell from my projects, I enjoy making people laugh with my work and do not take myself too seriously.


Hello! My name is Nada Ratmi and I’m a communications and journalism student at St.Thomas University. I chose journalism impulsively during senior year of high school. It’s one of many decisions I don’t regret. My favourite project was on Organic Chemware (even if Tunney hates all the cats in my video L.) I hope to be able to make more content that evokes some type of emotion for any fortunate souls willing to read or watch it. Go check out the other amazing stories on our website!


Hi! My name is Sarah Morin and I’m a third-year journalism and human rights student at St. Thomas University. I’m the news editor for STU’s student newspaper, The Aquinian, and I’m the Friday night editor at Fredericton’s daily paper, the Daily Gleaner. My hobbies include writing like I’m running out of time, overworking myself and drinking too much tea and coffee. I’m terrified and excited, but completely ready to bounce beautifully into the journalism.


Hi, my name is Christy! I am a journalism student studying at St. Thomas University in Fredericton. I’ve liked taking photos, videos and editing them since I was in middle school. I love finding and recording the beauty of life with the eye. I would like to make more friends from different countries and listen to different stories from around the world – being a journalist would be such an interesting way to live life. Being a journalist is not an easy thing to do, so I’m continuously trying to improve myself. When I meet difficulty, I always say to myself: “Enjoy it! It will make me stronger!” I hope everyone enjoys watching my videos


My name is Hailey Johnson, and I’m a second-year journalism student here at St Thomas University. Originally from Prince Edward Island, I’ve found living on the mainland enjoyable. This Digital Journalism class has allowed me to explore the “new media era” we are running to keep up with


Hi! My name is Tina Johnson, I’m from the small (small) town of Lakeville N.B. I’m a third-year journalism and philosophy student. I love music, tattoos, exploring new things and all things creative! This Digital Journalism class lets me do that and express it here at ONstream!


Hi, my name is Lainy Dow. I am a third-year student at St. Thomas University. I am also a third-year guard on the St. Thomas University Tommie’s basketball team. I’m double majoring in communications and journalism with a minor in English. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends but, most importantly, my dog Riley!


Hi, my name is Lauren Hoyt. I’m a third-year Journalism and Communications major from a small, beautiful town called Grand Bay-Westfield. I went into journalism because I’ve always loved and excelled at writing. When I began classes at STU, I realized my writing style was not journalistic writing, but I learned to love it even more! I love being able to tell stories on behalf of others and look forward to a future where I can spend my life doing so.


Tunney here. That’s what most students call me. I’m from the demographic that remembers typewriters and the time before newspaper composing rooms started decomposing. Encouraging young people to tell their stories creatively is what makes this job satisfying; experiencing epic fails while operating technology in front of the class, not so much.